Why isn’t anyone proud to be unbusy in their work lives?

When was the last time you attended a monthly meeting where hardly anyone completed their actions points from last month ?

Probably just today

When was the last time you were in a team where the manager was the busiest person and were notorious for not being available because they were like “sooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy, OMG!”

Probably you are in that team right now

When was the last time you were in a careful crafted presentation and within the first minute you were told by the C-level bro to cut to the chase

Probably in the last month

When was the last time you asked the leading,most productive ,”star”,member of your team about their day , and they had replied that they were not upto much apart from walking the kid to school in the morning,playing kick-boxing during lunch and writing a reflection on how will they fix the flaky smoke tests that have been nagging the team for the past 8 months and slowly eroding trust of the team, later in the day

Probably never

The fact , unshakable , proven beyond doubt ,is, that we all are very busy.

Genuinely, we all are trying to get a lot done

And inside us,we are proud of our work and the validation that we receive for it

And inside us, we are vary of being taken in the “wrong” way if we and our teams are not busy

And inside us, we are insecure, that if we are not being busy for a prolonged time means that our careers have stalled ?

And hence,

outside us, we dont say no.

We dont say no,to another of the boss’s pet initiative because it might hurt their well meaning intentions

We don’t say no, to another feature request because it might give the impression that our team is not going fast enough and are risk averse (a sin in today’s move fast and break people world)

We just have stopped saying no,

Stopped saying it to the busy-bodies that we transact with,who lead us,manage us,

We allow ourselves to be managed with short attention spans,faux listening techniques and general lack of empathy (of our already very high volumes of busyness)

 How and why did we end up here ?

Because,something has been slowly growing in us and taking over the free space in our heart,a sense of pride,a joy,a fulfillment from being busy.

Busyness is vanity now.

Will this ever look different ?

You can’t stop in your tracks now without crashing.

But you can take unplanned detours, to slow down


taking that aimless walk around the block. Take your team along,be aimless for some time


taking the kids to school even though it might mean you miss that important meeting. Just take one car and even drop your partner to their work.Ensure that you miss that meeting.


talking to the friend during work hours because you know outside work your time zones will never match


learning dramatics,classical dancing or knitting because you always wanted to but never had the time

be unbusy

be proud of it

practice it daily

Is it childhood again ?

3rd birthday

Really ?

Yes,feels like it !

The nostalgia of slow time travel has returned

Planning , re planning imaginary trips across great lands on the great railway

Standing still in wonder,eyes unblinking in a vast gaze, wondering what the great land will hold in it’s clenched fist,the faces that i will see,the conversations that I might have

Is it childhood again ?

The mind is a bouncy ball , wild day dreams,  aspirations

The aspirations make you sweat nervously but they are stubborn,persistent,wont dumb down,wont get lured to safety

Is it childhood again ?

Yearning for hot summers,of achieving nothing,of lying under the neem tree , awaiting monsoons to roll in

The hot , still , muggy evenings . The rolling thunder making your heart race , in anticipation

Is it childhood again ?

Discovery of lost love in music, the classics,the humming of them,

the boldness to sing

Is it childhood again, that my children around me are ushering ?



Corporate Bull shit is …


It is the cloak that we should resist the urge to wear , ever,

and especially in situations when we are under-clothed (with insights or wisdom or honest opinions.)

Alas,being fallible humans,we can not resist the urge to wear it

Because sometimes others are wearing that cloak too,and we feel fearful of being the odd one in our undies.

Because sometimes we are trying to impressive others with our cloak,because they dont know anything about wearing cloaks and they are impressed that you are wearing one and they want one too

Because sometimes we think it is just our job to wear that cloak,rather than resolving our (under-clothing of insights/wisdom/honest opinions) situation.

Because sometimes wearing a cloak is just easier.


practice not doing the easy thing

and people wont end up seeing through our cloak

A race or a quest



yes i have it too ,infact i suffer from it

it is not, rather , of the next car upgrade , the private school that my kids need to go to , the accolade that i must win, the places that i must visit

it is not about how far am i in the race

it is rather about what is yet to be discovered in this quest

the quest

to learn from mistakes and the audacity to make another one

the quest

to reflect at the end of the day (when there is nothing to do anymore till the next ) and discover what new(good or bad) did I do today ? (There always is something)

the quest

to express gratitude towards whatever I got to do , today

the quest

to make things better , for the folks around me, folks directly or indirectly connected to me.

knowing that

the quest will carry on,


and I need to be making mistakes,reflecting and expressing gratitude

and making things better


image via ~|~ http://journeystories.tumblr.com/

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