Black Horse

I let it loose from the stables of slumber

black of hide but milky in the moonlight

unbridled it goes and unsaddled too

i clutch it’s dark mane but i can not reign it

amok it left

i let it whisper in the winds

as long as it comes home,before the stables of slumber are bolted

before i am rattled awake from this dream


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tumblr_m80oh61rsZ1r0jup6o1_1280Plant a seed, shall i ?

Even though i dont know ….

Who will water it ?

Who will weed it ?

Who will keep the soil alive ?

Who will keep the encroachment away ?

But belief, i have , that ….

Someone , some day, will find solace in it’s shade

Someone, some day,will pick the rich fruits

Someone, some day, will make it their secret hideout

Someone,some day, will holds hands on it’s branches and make eternal promises of love

Plant a seed, i will !

On the belief that someone,someday, will plant another seed

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The chameleon’s soul

I am,

the dweller of ravines that never bore an offspring and of fertile plains too

perched inside me are the deserts in glove with stifling humid rains

my facade stretched between prescribed faith & mendicant ways,

equally lured towards obscurity and bling fame

my acts are celibate as the temple purohit and excessing too,

like the dope czar

I’m in perpetual flux,

staticity is lost

like unripe figs seemingly sweet,

but with everlasting bitter taste

the Bath


I take them pills


of those before I bathe

I wash them down with vodka

I have always taken a bath before bed,

as far as I remember

I have to let you know that I only remember as far as the last pills

The bath is at the end,

of the hallway

Dimly lit it is

intentional,by design it is

Only a yellow feeble bulb serves it

hanging by the chord

I pull it

It is hazy

Like those corny drinking places

The haze surrounds me

It has settled on the walls

It perches on the rose window

Its layers the mirrors

I take a dip

settle in

There are doodles drawn on the haze,

on the mirror

I study them

It soothes me

The hot water


the pills (with vodka that i used to wash them down),

i’m not sure

but i feel at home in my bath

I continue studying the doodles


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Measuring dysfunction

Rule by Fear

These are some cultural behaviours & artefacts that I have learnt to value over the past decade working in the Software development industry.

I use them as feelers to measure how dysfunctional(or efficient) a particular Team or team leader is and what could possibly be done about it ?

I also use them to keep myself and my organisation honest !

How would you answer these questions from your experience in your current team &/ organisation ?

  • what do you hear more ? “I have never tested this before, this is not my area of code” vs “Lets give it a go…I will go & find out”
  • do you get together often to celebrate success ?
  • do you get together often to self reflect on failure ?
  • is the “box” questioned ?
  • does everyone in the team knows “WHY we are doing this project ?”
  • do you reward knowledge sharing ?
  • do people feel loved back ?
  • do people pair ?
  • do people crowd around critical problems?
  • do people often palm off problems to “experts” ?
  • do people take responsibility only when it is mandated?
  • can people say no ?
  • do people say no ?
  • are they heard ?
  • do peers recognise peers publicly ?
  • how are bug escapes reacted to ?
  • is accountability executed or individuals ?
  • what were we doing last year ? what are we doing this year ? do I know what will I be doing next year ? do you ask this often ? do the Team ask this often ?
  • do people pursue problems ?
  • do you slow down to be able to speed up later ?
  • do you run capability projects ?
  • are people efficient at eating mammoths ?
  • do you get more opportunities to fail ? (after a failure)
  • do general facilities get better with hierarchy?
  • do you have a training budget ?
  • do you have an entertainment budget ?
  • are jerks allowed ?

P.S. This post is inspired from Lou Gerstner’s (the legendary IBM CEO) quote….

“I came to see in my time at IBM that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game – it is the game. In the end an organisation is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.”

Their meeting



from those faux walls

their dweller

out on a stroll

had lost his way

and met the sea

the dweller

was bewildered

talked in awe

“i had heard ”

“now i see what others saw”

“you should come here often” , “more often”

“i’m here”, “i will be”

“in serenity and in a rage”

“a cage for all with gills”

“in all’s slumber and in waking them free”

“ferrying icebergs and fallen trees”

“i wish i loose my way” , “often” , “more often”

A quick note on indecision making

huddle the maximum allowed bureaucracy in the room

smattering of giant egoists & the types that feel threatened from anything apart from the normal

wheel in a feeble but budding & well intentioned new idea

pound it with polished & well articulated pseudo-intellectual ridicule & cynicism

(actually masking internal ego,insecurity & urge for turf control)

check if the feeble but budding & well intentioned new idea is still alive ?

yes ? continue pounding till nipped in bud ?

once confirmed …..ring the bell and usher in status quo

it has a different attire today and also masks it’s familiar old stench

talk up the status quo lobby , let them knit the wool of the warmth & reassurance of the normal.

like it ?

settle in …. feel cosy .

have an indecision




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