Is it childhood again ?

3rd birthday

Really ?

Yes,feels like it !

The nostalgia of slow time travel has returned

Planning , re planning imaginary trips across great lands on the great railway

Standing still in wonder,eyes unblinking in a vast gaze, wondering what the great land will hold in it’s clenched fist,the faces that i will see,the conversations that I might have

Is it childhood again ?

The mind is a bouncy ball , wild day dreams,  aspirations

The aspirations make you sweat nervously but they are stubborn,persistent,wont dumb down,wont get lured to safety

Is it childhood again ?

Yearning for hot summers,of achieving nothing,of lying under the neem tree , awaiting monsoons to roll in

The hot , still , muggy evenings . The rolling thunder making your heart race , in anticipation

Is it childhood again ?

Discovery of lost love in music, the classics,the humming of them,

the boldness to sing

Is it childhood again, that my children around me are ushering ?



Corporate Bull shit is …


It is the cloak that we should resist the urge to wear , ever,

and especially in situations when we are under-clothed (with insights or wisdom or honest opinions.)

Alas,being fallible humans,we can not resist the urge to wear it

Because sometimes others are wearing that cloak too,and we feel fearful of being the odd one in our undies.

Because sometimes we are trying to impressive others with our cloak,because they dont know anything about wearing cloaks and they are impressed that you are wearing one and they want one too

Because sometimes we think it is just our job to wear that cloak,rather than resolving our (under-clothing of insights/wisdom/honest opinions) situation.

Because sometimes wearing a cloak is just easier.


practice not doing the easy thing

and people wont end up seeing through our cloak

A race or a quest



yes i have it too ,infact i suffer from it

it is not, rather , of the next car upgrade , the private school that my kids need to go to , the accolade that i must win, the places that i must visit

it is not about how far am i in the race

it is rather about what is yet to be discovered in this quest

the quest

to learn from mistakes and the audacity to make another one

the quest

to reflect at the end of the day (when there is nothing to do anymore till the next ) and discover what new(good or bad) did I do today ? (There always is something)

the quest

to express gratitude towards whatever I got to do , today

the quest

to make things better , for the folks around me, folks directly or indirectly connected to me.

knowing that

the quest will carry on,


and I need to be making mistakes,reflecting and expressing gratitude

and making things better


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Innocuous role models

In the commercial business world, MBAs from Ivy league are sometimes our role model, Business leaders whom we have only seen on TV (and probably will only on TV ever) are sometimes our role model, the highly successful start up sensation is sometimes a role model and so are the charismatic politicians promising glory days again.Super heroes

We watch,follow,redistribute their moves,decisions,blurbs,thought pieces with intent to be like them , to learn from them ,to replicate some of what they do in our business and daily lives.

But what about the subtle , innocuous role models whom we see,hear,watch consciously and subconsciously every day,sometimes multiple times in a day .

Whom we did not stop to talk with , joke with,inquire more about ?

Who are unnoticied,unrewarded,unrecongnized

What about the lady in the park the other day,in her late 70s ,hunched from age , skin shriveled like used bed sheets performing a 4×400 meter in the head-wind

What about the impoverished animal care-taker in her teens, whom you met in the Old Jama Masjid slum area of Delhi on your last visit to India. Her job (the only job she will ever do , she said) taking care of strays dogs who could go rabid any day from negligence and hunger

Stray - image from Quora

What about your estranged parents, who in the twilight of their lives are still making an attempt to reconcile , to learn to love again ? , to learn to agree to agree

What about your son , who gave you some of his savings(and also explained why he can not give all) when you told him that you did not get the new role that you always aspired for , the bonus , the reward that you so truly deserved

So, what about them ?

Empathize with them,relate to them,hear their stories,learn from their struggles,share their pain,be part of their celebrations .

Then, be the sum of parts , of each of them

Of a granny who would never give up physiologically ,

Of a  care taker in the shittest job you have seen but with an undying mission and love for animals,

a couple ready to bury their egos and reconcile and failing and trying again ,even though they know it might be socially futile

a child who lets go of material attachment , who gives away without an expectation of your validation, without a desire of being rewarded,replenished or return.

If you are the sum of these parts , you are much more than the sum , you are a role model yourself !


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Oh , wow , that is excellent

Unicycle Juggler

When I was 9 years old, I saw my 18 year old cousin performing a juggling act with tennis balls, without dropping the ball for about 10 minutes,a lit cigarette in his mouth all the while . I was stunned and thought that was the supreme act of excellence

Until, when I was 12 and was travelling around Europe with my family, in Paris one evening I saw a world renowned street artist juggling knives and riding a unicycle at the same time, I exclaimed in awe , “now THAT is an act of excellence !”

My definition of excellence, got revised again when I was 28 years old and was on a holiday trip to India, when in the state of Rajasthan , I saw a young(maybe 6 or 7 year old boy named Shivu) desert performer earning a living by juggling burning coals while riding a unicycle on a taut rope about 10 feet high , held by thin bamboo sticks.And he was doing it , to support himself and his family financially , surrounded by an excited crowed cheering him towards his success and also anticipating a fall next second.

Today, I am 34 , a father of two kids (8 and 1 ). I am proud father ,a grateful parent and a very fortunate husband.


My 8 year old son today,finally, opened up the acoustic guitar that I gifted him on XMas and almost instantly my 1 year old daughter , who was in vicinity, grabbed the guitar with curiosity, dragged it to her play area, started playing it ,  started tapping the strings , started drumming the body of the guitar, then she got me to turn on her favorite bollywood dance number and then she started dancing ,wielding the guitar around, cooing at the top of her lungs . She would fall on the guitar and sometimes the guitar would fall on her , but kept on waltzing with the guitar .It was a spectacle , I was breathless , I was joyful,stunned,hopeful and worried all at the same time.I said to myself, now that is truly excellent !

Again , today, my definition of excellence has changed and this latest revision has made me realize that excellence is surprising your incumbent definition of excellent.

Excellence is not chasing an excellent outcome, it is chasing a mission . A mission that is visceral to you (Shiva’s mission was making a better tomorrow possible for his family, my 1 year old daughter’s mission with the guitar was to explore and connect the unknown with her known)

Excellence is  knowing that you have to move forward but you also have to stay on the rope,And also that , you will fall, but being fearless of that fall

What is your definition of excellence ?


Am I in my senses?


I closed my eyes and the memories took me to a place that I pined for, wish that place had missed me too

I closed my eyes and the fragrance took me to a day of triviality, wish triviality took me seriously too

I closed my eyes and the touch took me to a day of pleasure,wish pleasure was obsessed with me too

I closed my eyes and the hum took me to a day of rejoicing, wish someone sang back to me too

I opened my eyes and ,

I wish I would have never opened them 


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Wild growth

A wild horse








When you or your team or your company,is in a growth mode

It is like riding a wild horse

As a leader, don’t try to tame the horse or make it predictable


try to create effective support systems that blunt the fall

and create learning systems that enable you and the team to learn from the last fall they had

Passion,Ration & Leading


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