Am I in my senses?


I closed my eyes and the memories took me to a place that I pined for, wish that place had missed me too

I closed my eyes and the fragrance took me to a day of triviality, wish triviality took me seriously too

I closed my eyes and the touch took me to a day of pleasure,wish pleasure was obsessed with me too

I closed my eyes and the hum took me to a day of rejoicing, wish someone sang back to me too

I opened my eyes and ,

I wish I would have never opened them 


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Wild growth

A wild horse








When you or your team or your company,is in a growth mode

It is like riding a wild horse

As a leader, don’t try to tame the horse or make it predictable


try to create effective support systems that blunt the fall

and create learning systems that enable you and the team to learn from the last fall they had


Ajmer Sharif



mein Moin de rasta,usdi waat,usdi awaaz pehchaan dee si

oh khetaan which buldaan naalon waadh hungaa laaunda reha

tarke to shaam

tarke to shaam


osda deedar hoya

mein keha , “mein roti leaaye haan tere khattir”

“murg makhan which taleyaa”

“saag haandi aala”

“te mere niaare hatthan de naan”

parr us ne ik wee niwaala chakkhnaa taan ki,

mere wal dekheyaa wee nai ,

bas Ali de taak which Makke kani us deeyan akhaan giraftaar sigiyaan

usde bullan te bhukkh de nishaan nai , Ali daa raag siga

te mere bullan te Moin da


Leader “type”

Gordon Ramsey

You know that you are working with a leader,when they…..

  • are serious about making an impact
  • get stressed but don’t shout
  • acknowledge failure publicly
  • don’t hoard knowledge
  • self deprecate
  • check how you slept when your kid is sick
  • don’t create factual fog to justify their instinctive decisions
  • don’t hog the limelight
  • admit when they don’t have a clue
  • don’t ridicule others,when they have
  • tell you,how to tell that the bacon is done
  • don’t throw you under the bus
  • and don’t throw you under the bus (when you are not in that meeting)
  • are smart enough, to sense which way the political wind is blowing
  • and are brave enough,to face it
  • praise (and it feels genuine)
  • turnaround and smile (even though you interrupted their email draft)

How do you tell whether you work for a leader type ?

A judaai

Old man and the Goat


“Is that your goat Sir?”

“Yes, for now”

“What happens later?”

“I dont know,maybe I will have to sell her for slaughter , I am poor you know…….or maybe she will live with me until i die…..actually i wont sell her as I dont want her to die before me!”

“What her name?”

“Her name is Judaai”


Photo – Old man and the goat @ Jama Masjid , Old Delhi Feb 2015

“Judaai” in hindi/urdu means “separation”


Black Horse

I let it loose from the stables of slumber

black of hide but milky in the moonlight

unbridled it goes and unsaddled too

i clutch it’s dark mane but i can not reign it

amok it left

i let it whisper in the winds

as long as it comes home,before the stables of slumber are bolted

before i am rattled awake from this dream


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Passion,Ration & Leading


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