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A quick note on indecision making

huddle the maximum allowed bureaucracy in the room


smattering of giant egoists & the types that feel threatened from anything apart from the normal


wheel in a feeble but budding & well intentioned new idea


pound it with polished & well articulated pseudo-intellectual ridicule & cynicism


(actually masking internal ego,insecurity & urge for turf control)


check if the feeble but budding & well intentioned new idea is still alive ?


yes ? continue pounding till nipped in bud ?


once confirmed …..ring the bell and usher in status quo


it has a different attire today and also masks it’s familiar old stench


talk up the status quo lobby , let them knit the wool of the warmth & reassurance of the normal.


like it ?


settle in …. feel cosy .


have an indecision




To my son’s dreams


My 6 year old woke up saying …”Papa ,you know, you can make things that you see in your dreams !!!! “

let dreams

let dreams overpower my insecurities

let dreams demolish the weeds of doubts that fester

lets dreams clear the clouds

yes,dear son

you are my role model


my promise to you

is to never stop dreaming

How to be happy – tip 8 of several

a rough windy day ?

fly a kite with your loved ones !

Some non-negotiables

Whats gonna work ?

Ownership & Responsibility over Authority

Question the box itself

Celebrate success often, discuss failures openly, implement self-reflection with discipline.

Prepare to be disrupted.Switch ideas,context,methods,tactics,campaigns (but not goals)

No jerks allowed.No blurry lines between jerkness and superstardom

wave of the hand

boss :

here is my grand scheme….i see these problems….make these problems disappear

leader :

see those goals ? see these problems in achieving those goals ? you know why are these problems,problems ? , now lets gets our minds & eyes together on solving these problems




the garden of demise


the fiery winds of late noon were dying

but ambers on the ground were still young

the drones,cattle,dogs and men


were returning to town

but he stayed back

in the garden of demise

masses trickled past him

some ignored him

some ridiculed

some were indifferent

some just startled

but no one cajoled him to leave

the garden of demise

for they feared that

he will not see her face


but here

at the garden of demise

Trigger happy


Bad metric


the ascetic



Loftier men read books to pass time

Smaller men chirp irrelevance

which becomes lore,

in the books that loftier men read to pass their time

image – via tumblr



It and Me

As i hit the clearing

just there,happened to see it 

of a different flesh it seemed

different mannerisms

different gait 

habits may be,too

but playing the same role

As if it had always been cognizant of my existence

and wanted to make me unwanted



image via Tumblr


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